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How to create and sell your own NFTs


Create a wallet and verify your account on AvatarArt


Create NFT


Verify NFT


List NFT on Marketplace

User creates and does KYC for the account on AvatarArt in order to conduct transactions.

Artist creates NFT for the artwork. A verification code will be deployed and sticked to the artwork. Then, the artwork will be sent to the storage facility.

After being sent to the storage facility, the artwork will be verify via its verification code. If this is correct, the artwork will be approved and transacted on AvatarArt.

You can choose auction, fixed price or discount. You just need to choose how you want to sell your NFT and millions of users will get access to it via AvatarArt.

Basic knowledge to get started


How to create an account on AvatarArt

Detailed and comprehensive instructions for users to create an account on AvatarArt


How to verify an account

Verify your account now and create your own NFT


How to transact

Create and transact NFT now

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